Due to increased deforestation rates, Malawi has lost most of its vegetative cover, which has led to loss of soil nutrients through erosion in times of heavy rains.

95% of Malawians use firewood and charcoal for cooking energy which poses a health risk to women and girls as they are continuously inhaling smoke. It is worth noting that women  in the rural spend six hours a day collecting firewood for cooking, the time which could have otherwise been used for productive activities.

Since inception in 2018, EcoGen has been providing biogas technology solutions across the country helping people turn waste into a resource.

Biogas system acts like a waste bin for bio-degradable organic wastes which converts organic wastes into Gas (For cooking & heating) and fertilizer (This can also be used as pesticides and livestock feed supplement)

Mr. Samuel Dzonzi from Dedza district, T/A Kaphuka testifying on the impact of the biogas technology at his household. He has two milking cows whose dung is used to feed the system.

According to Dzonzi, since the installation of the system, he has noticed a significant change  in cooking energy savings as well as fertilizer savings. He no longer uses firewood for cooking nor chemical fertilizers and pesticides in his garden .

‘I am very satisfied with the biogas system since my animal house is always clean and it is really quick, it takes less than 20 minutes to prepare a meal. Apart from the gas I also produce fertilizer which I apply in my garden. The same fertilizer helps me generate income as I sell the fertilizer to the community. This fertilizer is better than chemical fertilizer because it is rich in nutrients and can also be used as pesticides,’ Dzonzi said

Dzonzi further said this is a great opportunity to have modern homes  and at the same time creating good environment for the future generation.

Let’s love our environment and starting using other alternatives like biogas systems he concluded.

Dzonzi showing the biogas system to the community A woman using biogas

Dzonzi explaining the use of bio-fertilizer to the community


Dzaleka refugee camp is in Dowa district has been purchasing over 18 tons of firewood for cooking energy under the school feeding program for about 6 000 students.

Now cooking is made easy and faster with biogas, they no longer spend on firewood. The biofertilizer produced from the biogas system is used in the school gardens hence increasing crop production, money savings as well as conserving the environment. .

Mr. kapondera , a teacher at Dzaleka primary school commended a great difference from the times the school was using firewood to when the biogas system was installed.

‘With the coming in of biogas, purchasing of firewood and late preparation of porridge for the students is a thing  of the past.’ Kapondera said.

Kapondera: Biogas is cheap

Kerina Katsala is among the ladies who prepares porridge for the students. Kerina agrees with kapondera that biogas is the best energy source as compared to firewood since firewood  gets wet especially during the rainy season, this leads to delays in porridge preparation

‘Biogas is good especially to us women, it saves us time to do other things like  business and gardening. We were facing the challenge with smoke but using biogas there is no such problem we can cook freely without any challenge.’ She concluded

Katsala:  Biogas is quick and easy to use
Katsala with colleagues cooking porridge using biogas Dzaleka biogas system

Among many benefits of biogas system, is waste management, making  our communities clean thereby creating an eco-friendly generation. Be part of the solution today! Make the switch to biogas!!

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