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a leading provider of biogas and organic fertilizer solutions. We are dedicated to helping farmers, businesses, and communities harness the power of biogas and organic fertilizer to improve soil health, reduce carbon footprint, and increase yield.

Our biogas systems are designed to turn organic waste into clean, renewable energy. Whether you’re a farm looking to reduce your energy costs or a business/institution looking to reduce your carbon footprint, we have a biogas solution that’s right for you.

Our organic fertilizers are created from the by-products of our biogas systems, making them not only 100% natural but also sustainably sourced. They are carefully formulated to deliver the essential nutrients your plants need for optimal growth, all while being free of harmful chemicals and suitable for use in organic agriculture.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and technical expertise. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way, from initial consultation to installation and maintenance.

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We provide Biogas systems and its accessories.


  1. Done by Sales Agents.
    They are recruited, trained for identifying customers, installation and providing after sale service.
  2. EcoGen does Logistics and
    has retail presence.


Done by EcoGen Certified Technicians.


Three Touch Point Program- 90 days
2 years Warranty

Our Solution

We reduce the challenges faced by small holder farmers by converting the waste from their farms into clean energy  and organic fertilizer.

Biogas clean energy production for:

  • Mechanical or electical energy
  • Domestic uses for cooking and bathing.


Biogas Stoves

biogas lamp

Biogas lamp

Biogas fitting kits

Biogas rice cooker

Biogas rice cooker

Our Technology

Our system process is carried out using small and medium decentralized fermentation units for local processing of available organic wastes such as agricultural waste, kitchen waste, etc. into clean energy and fertilizer.

our TEAM

Young and energetic, the most experienced and hard working biogas team across the nation. We are committed to proactively working with passion every day toward farmer wellbeing and the protection of the environment.

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